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Drugged up man busted after trying to use gauze, Band-Aids to fix flat tires: cops

2019-08-22 08:38:34| New York Post Online Edition: News

It’s gonna take more than a Band-Aid to patch up this mess. A man under the influence of drugs in California tried to use gauze and Band-Aids to patch up his cars two flat drivers side tires, authorities said. Police discovered the crudely attempted fix when they were dispatched to Felipe Road and Barbadanes in...

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Spacewalking NASA astronauts add parking spot to space station

2019-08-22 08:20:59| New York Post Online Edition: News

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. Spacewalking astronauts added another parking spot to the International Space Station on Wednesday. NASA astronauts Nick Hague and Andrew Morgan successfully installed a docking port delivered by SpaceX last month. It will be used by SpaceX and Boeing once they start launching astronauts to the orbiting lab late this year or...

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Defendant sucker-punches his attorney in Arizona courtroom

2019-08-22 07:08:36| New York Post Online Edition: News

A defendant standing trial on allegations of attacking a corrections officer sucker-punched his attorney in an Arizona courtroom after the judge ordered him to leave, according to a report. The defendant, Lamont Payne, had repeatedly interrupted the judge during the courtroom proceeding last year, KTVK-TV of Phoenix reported. “He was swearing and rolling his eyes...

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Former youth swim team photographer charged with child molestation

2019-08-22 06:51:10| New York Post Online Edition: News

MENLO PARK, Calif. A former youth swim team photographer arrested last month on suspicion of molesting boys has been charged with sexual assault in Northern California after authorities say six more alleged victims came forward. Randolph Haldeman was arrested Wednesday at his Menlo Park home. He’s facing 20 charges, including sodomy and committing lewd...

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German city offers $1.1M to whoever proves it doesnt exist

2019-08-22 06:15:13| New York Post Online Edition: News

BERLIN A German city that’s been the subject of a long-running online light-hearted conspiracy theory claiming it doesn’t really exist is offering big bucks to whoever proves that’s true. Officials in Bielefeld said Wednesday they’ll give 1 million euros ($1.1 million) to the person who delivers solid proof of its non-existence. They said there...

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