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Texas man busted in threat to return to Capitol with weapons

2021-01-18 22:27:18| New York Post Online Edition: News

A Texas man has been charged with threatening a second attack on the US Capitol by enough armed rioters to overpower any “standing army or police agency,” according to federal authorities. Troy Anthony Smocks, 58, of Dallas, allegedly made the dire declaration on Jan. 6 — the same day the Capitol was breached during a...

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You are kidnapping me!: Anti-mask activist busted in Florida bagel shop

2021-01-18 22:21:34| New York Post Online Edition: News

An outspoken anti-mask activist in Florida was arrested for refusing to put on a face covering at a bagel shop — with wild video showing the bizarre bust. Cindy Falco-DiCorrado, 62, of Boynton Beach, was arrested Thursday at an Einstein Bros. Bagels in Boca Raton, where she allegedly ignored requests from a customer and a...

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Colorado man with militia ties allegedly assaulted Capitol cops at riot

2021-01-18 22:01:00| New York Post Online Edition: News

A 24-year-old Colorado man with ties to “a radical militia group” faces federal charges for allegedly assaulting police officers during the US Capitol riot, court papers state. Robert Gieswein allegedly sprayed an unknown substance at Capitol cops trying to hold back the mob that broke into the seat of American democracy on Jan. 6, according...

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Pentagon deploys active-duty troops to DC ahead of Biden inauguration

2021-01-18 21:58:11| New York Post Online Edition: News

The Pentagon has deployed 750 specially trained members of the US military  — including bomb squads and trauma medics — to Washington, DC, amid security concerns over Wednesday’s inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden. The troops also include active-duty personnel trained in “extraction and decontamination operations” following attacks with chemical, biological, nuclear, radiological and explosive weapons, the Department of Defense said Monday....

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Trumps pardons: Full list of clemencies granted during his presidency

2021-01-18 21:52:52| New York Post Online Edition: News

President Trump has granted clemency to nearly 90 people since taking office — and can continue to exercise that power until President-elect Joe Biden is sworn in at noon on Wednesday. The recipients of Trump’s mercy include long-dead historical figures, non-violent drug offenders, former members of the US military and Border Patrol, political allies, campaign...

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