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Texas mom missing after her son is found abandoned in car

2021-01-18 19:31:22| New York Post Online Edition: News

Laura "Lacie" Read, 34, was last heard from Saturday night before her son Xayden was found alone in her car parked outside of a Dollar Tree in Montrose.

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Joe Biden eyes executive order blitz on first day in office

2021-01-18 19:30:53| New York Post Online Edition: News

WASHINGTON — Joe Biden will sign a series of sweeping executive actions undoing President Trump’s signature policies just hours after taking the oath of office on Wednesday, his incoming chief of staff announced Saturday. Following his inauguration at the heavily fortified US Capitol, Biden will sign executive orders to end Trump’s travel ban, rejoin the...

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Rudy Giuliani now says he wont be on Trumps impeachment defense team

2021-01-18 19:20:03| New York Post Online Edition: News

The presidents personal attorney told ABC News that he will not represent Trump due to his involvement in the Jan. 6 Save America Rally in DC, where he called for a trial by combat amid the election vote certification.

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Divorce lawyer allegedly masturbated in front of woman while drinking beer

2021-01-18 19:15:36| New York Post Online Edition: News

Shane Taylor, a divorce lawyer in Spanish Fort, Alabama, has been arrested after allegedly masturbating in his office and firing an aide for refusing sex.

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Capitol rioter threatened to shoot kids if they told FBI about DC trip

2021-01-18 18:58:40| New York Post Online Edition: News

A Texas man with ties to a right-wing extremist group threatened to shoot his children if they told the FBI he traveled to Washington to storm the Capitol with other President Trump supporters, according to court documents. Guy Reffitt threatened his daughter and son while arguing with them about his role in the Capitol siege,...

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