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Johns Hopkins doctor blasts FDA over slow COVID-19 vaccine review

2020-12-05 18:02:25| New York Post Online Edition: News

A Johns Hopkins professor lambasted the Food and Drug Administration for lacking urgency in greenlighting a coronavirus vaccine, suggesting that the agency’s bureaucratic process is costing lives. “Weve had Operation Warp Speed in developing vaccines but Operation Turtle Speed in reviewing the results,” Dr. Marty Makary, a professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of...

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Harriet the Spy author Louise Fitzhughs secret, subversive life

2020-12-05 17:36:10| New York Post Online Edition: News

The 11-year-old heroine of the 1964 classic Harriet the Spy is a street-smart tomboy who galumphs around her Upper East Side neighborhood in ratty jeans and a hoodie. She snoops on her neighbors sneaking into dumbwaiters and scaling the roofs of apartment buildings while jotting down shockingly frank observations, like DOES HIS MOTHER...

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Argentina Senate passes millionaire tax to pay for COVID-19 relief

2020-12-05 17:26:41| New York Post Online Edition: News

President Alberto Fernandez hopes to raise at least $3.75 billion to help pay the cost of medical supplies and provide relief for poor people and hard-hit small businesses.

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Why the left is lashing out at Joe Rogan and his groundbreaking podcast

2020-12-05 17:23:00| New York Post Online Edition: News

While 2020 has been a bad year for most, its been a roaring success for podcaster Joe Rogan. As of Dec. 1, his show, The Joe Rogan Experience, is now exclusive to Spotify after reportedly inking a $100 million deal this summer.  After its humble beginnings in 2009 where Rogan, a UFC commentator and comedian,...

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Conservative populism stronger than ever despite Trumps election loss

2020-12-05 17:12:01| New York Post Online Edition: News

While President Trump failed to win reelection, his coalition of conservative populist voters has grown and diversified. His backing among African Americans this year jumped by 4percentage points, while Hispanics from a huge range of backgrounds with families hailing from Cuba, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Venezuela increased their support for Trump by...

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