Meet Camaron Cheeseman, elite long-snapper, aspiring dentist and NFL draft hopeful

2021-04-09 14:43:41|

Camaron Cheeseman gets attention for his last name, but he's also one of the top long-snappers in the country and a potential NFL draft pick. But if not, he's got a solid backup plan.

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Hop on the Gus Bus! Coach Malzahn aims to make a champion out of UCF

2021-04-09 14:29:29|

Could pairing a big-name, SEC-seasoned head coach with a team itching to prove it's worthy of national title consideration put the Knights in College Football Playoff contention? Gus Malzahn and UCF are about to start finding out.

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'I don't feel accepted' -- Why Chloe Kim spoke out on anti-Asian hate

2021-04-09 14:24:39|

Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim explains why she decided to share her experience after receiving racist hate messages for years.

Category: Arts and Entertainment


Remembering the great Cooper goalie helmet

2021-04-09 13:47:25|

The bucket was last worn in an NHL game on April 9, 2011. The goaltenders who made it famous chat us up on why they wore it.

Category: Arts and Entertainment


Do Packers need to recommit to Aaron Rodgers? An agent, scout, coach and exec weigh in

2021-04-09 13:00:21|

"Id commit to Aaron -- why wouldnt you?" But the Packers can move on after 2021 and passed on assuring Rodgers he's in their long-term plans.

Category: Arts and Entertainment


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