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Democrats should dump defund the police slogan, new poll finds

2020-12-05 15:22:57| New York Post Online Edition: News

Democrats should stop pressing “defund the police” and other hot-button social issues if they want to stay competitive in 2022, according to new research from longtime Democratic pollster Douglas Schoen. The data says to me that if the Democrats go the progressive route they can lose the House and the Senate overwhelmingly in 2022, Schoen...

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Dr. Anthony Fauci says healthy Americans wont get COVID-19 vaccine until April

2020-12-05 15:16:18| New York Post Online Edition: News

Dr. Anthony Fauci says healthy Americans should not expect to receive a coronavirus vaccine until April and that health care workers, the elderly and people with chronic health conditions would be prioritized. “A healthy non-elderly person with no recognizable underlying conditions, will likely start … in the end of March, early April. Once you get...

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Maya Wiley staying on as MSNBC expert in 2021 despite NYC mayoral run

2020-12-05 15:10:31| New York Post Online Edition: News

Maya Wiley left a cushy contributor’s job at MSNBC in July so she could launch her campaign for NYC mayor, but you’d never know she exited the left-leaning network from all the airtime she continues to get. Since departing from her official role at the channel, the former counsel to Mayor de Blasio has made...

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Hoops coach pleads guilty to having sex with teen sisters during erotic sleepovers

2020-12-05 15:03:18| New York Post Online Edition: News

A female teacher and basketball coach in Illinois has pleaded guilty to having sleepover sex with two teen sisters and received probation.

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Mexico urging citizens to cancel Christmas celebrations amid COVID-19 surge

2020-12-05 15:00:41| New York Post Online Edition: News

Mexico’s president is urging his citizens to cancel Christmas this year, as the number of daily new coronavirus cases hit a record-high in the country. Lets leave Christmas presents for another time, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said, as he tried to discourage people from traditional celebrations, and even avoid exchanging gifts. An additional 12,127...

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