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COVID-19 at record levels in Georgia on eve of Trump rally

2020-12-05 05:24:58| New York Post Online Edition: News

COVID-19 is at record levels in Georgia on the eve of President Trump’s planned visit to the state on Saturday. Officials had hoped that three days of sharp increases in case numbers was due to a post-Thanksgiving testing and reporting backlog, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. But that backlog has cleared up — and the numbers...

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Betsy DeVos extends student loan relief until end of January

2020-12-05 04:24:18| New York Post Online Edition: News

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Friday extended the suspension of student loan payments until the end of January. Borrowers haven’t had to make student loan payments since the Trump administration issued the relief in March, but the assistance was set to expire at the end of December. DeVos extended the relief until Jan. 31 to...

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Ghislaine Maxwells lawyers oddly reference NJ judges slain son in bail bid

2020-12-05 03:36:28| New York Post Online Edition: News

Lawyers for Ghislaine Maxwell invoked the murder of New Jersey Judge Esther Salas son to argue that the British socialites renewed motion for bail should remain largely under seal. Given the sensitive subject matter of this case, the sureties have legitimate fears for their safety if they are publicly identified, wrote Maxwells lawyer Christian Everdell...

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Florida judge grants bail to woman accused of killing and burying husband

2020-12-05 02:52:33| New York Post Online Edition: News

A Florida judge granted bond to a woman accused of killing her husband five years ago and burying the body under a firepit she built in the backyard, according to a report. Laurie Shaver, 38, has been behind bars since her September arrest in the 2015 death of her 36-year-old husband, Michael Shaver, a Disney...

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Mexican beauty queen Delia Emily Castillo vanishes, claims mom wanted to commit her

2020-12-05 02:15:05| New York Post Online Edition: News

Mexican authorities issued an Amber Alert for a missing beauty queen who they believed was kidnapped — but the teen later claimed she had merely run away from her mother. Delia Emily Castillo, 17, had last been seen on Tuesday, waiting alone in her parents’ car while the family had breakfast without her at a restaurant...

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